Sean McGuire

just saying it could make it happen


The title of the piece comes from a Kate Bush lyric that I have used as a mantra to stay positive for a few years now. I have personally found this focused positivity to be an effective way to maintain my mental health. Just by putting what you want into the universe by either saying it aloud or writing it down you are taking the first step to manifesting it in the universe, it may not happen but if it is out there maybe someone will hear it.

“Hopefully this piece will be an active part of queer health as a brief respite from everything going on in the world and allow the participants to have a moment to think about themself, what would make them happy, then to take the first step to make it happen.”

Sean McGuire

Through this performance I hope to encourage more people to verbalize what will make them happy and to utilize the jacket as a focused point of communal positive energy. A significantly higher percentage of people in the LGBTQIA+ community suffer from mental health issues compared to that of our cis-gendered heterosexual peers. Especially now while we are in isolation and many of us are separated from our chosen families. While a little reminder to be more positive and assert that what you want matters isn’t going to solve the issue it can certainly help.

This performance is made up of participants sending their desires or positive messages here, then having their messages amplified and connected to a jacket intended to be worn. To amplify these messages I will write them down and read them aloud. The visual and performative cues are inspired by the Japanese tradition of writing wishes on tanzaku during the Tananbata festival.

Participation is open to anyone who comes in contact with this work.

The performance will be chronicled above and the final product, the jacket imprinted with the collective wishes of every participant, will serve as both a document of the performance as well as a wearable piece of art.

Artist Biography

(He/Him) I was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1991 and by 1992 I had done everything there is to do there and moved to Texas where I have spent the bulk of my life. In 2013 I began wearing glasses full time and also received my BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I identify as a homosexual man whose pronouns are he and him. I live in a beautiful apartment overlooking the canal in Las Colinas with my partner Matthew and our two cats. Being able to look out my window and see the water below has been an influence on the content of my work as well as being a constant reminder to stay hydrated.

I am a multimedia artist working primarily in video and animation combining drawing, painting, puppets and performance. Utilizing irregular lines, papier-mâché, finger painting and humor, my work has an overtly tactile element which draws attention to both the craftsmanship and emphasizes the human interactions it depicts.

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