Kay Seedig

Affirmation, adjustable mirror, water-based ink

Through my work, I contemplate a gender spectrum that houses flexible and vast spaces yet-to-be-determined that are buoyant and resilient; secure yet porous. I am fascinated by the deceit of an all-or-nothing mindset and how this mindset manifests in the objects, materials, language, and spaces we manipulate as tools of empowerment/powerlessness for ourselves and others.

ENDLESS (installation shot), velvet, nails, video of birthday cards from Herbert J. Seedig (Mar. 13 1970 – Apr. 19 2005) and bamboo plant that belonged to Lisa M. Seedig (Nov. 20 1970 – Jan. 11 2019) displayed on an iPod touch

“I’d like to think we are all ‘artists’ to some degree. We all have ways of seeing and doing that makes the world around us a little bit richer. As a child, I was interested in textures, collecting, drawing, listening, and writing. I am still pursuing these intuitive inclinations and finding ways to embed them in my work. In addition to thinking of myself as an artist, I consider myself an unmaker, meaning I find value in deconstructing/recontextualizing materials or ideas so that what results is something altered or transformed. I especially have grown to identify with this term as I continue to see us queer folx unmake and remake what queerness looks/feels like.”

Kay Seedig
Eclipsed, found frame, thread, color pencil, velvet

With a printmaking background, the multiple is often a central focus in my built, interactive environments that use repeated materials and text. The materials I use are familiar and often reference the body—found objects, hair, paper, fabric, reflective surfaces, and beyond—and I use them to elicit questions about the implications of visibility, comfort, and loss.

Artist Biography

My name is Kay, my pronouns are they/them/theirs. I was born in Tennessee on Friday 9/11/1992 at 1:35 pm (virgo sun, pisces moon, and sagittarius rising) and lived transiently in the South Eastern United States, as well as internationally, until I was 13 years old. My mom and I settled in NC for 10 years where I finished high school and earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (2014). I transplanted to Denton, Texas to pursue an MFA in Studio Art from the University of North Texas (2017). Currently, I teach in the DFW Metroplex, am a Visual Arts Technician within the CVAD Foundations Program at UNT, and am Vice President of 500X Gallery.

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