Get Involved

Third Space DFW is an LGBTQIA+ artist collective founded in Fort Worth, Texas to celebrate, amplify, and support the queer community. As a small nonprofit run by volunteers, we are currently needing new members to help us administer, coordinate, and execute our events and programming.

Here is a list of roles available for your consideration:

Social Media

  • This role will be in charge of helping with content for our social media pages, we want each platform to have a different personality while still being on-brand with our mission.


  • This role will be in charge of helping with Spanish translations, all of our posts go out fully bilingual. This role would also help with documenting brief minutes for people not able to make meetings.


  • This role will be very community-oriented, figuring out what the host community needs, reaching out to sponsors, getting things done by word of mouth.

Artist Coordinator

  • This role will be handling all things artists oriented, setting up deadlines to get work, interacting with artists, any paperwork involved with the artist’s work, etc.


  • This role will be in charge of handling the finances for events, creating a budget, reaching out for funding.

Graphic Design/Copywriter

  • This role will help with any graphics that go out, posters, flyers, posts, etc. This role will ensure we have a cohesive vision going out to the masses.

If you’re interested in working with us or helping, send us an email at! When contacting us please let us know what you would be interested in doing if you would like to assist with any of the positions mentioned.