Evin Dubois

Floating as Fanboy, Hydrocal, chicken wire, burlap,feathers, found clothing, found objects,18”x 24”x 15”, 2018

Challenging notions of masculinity, my practice has fixated itself on the deconstruction and narrative of this often brash behavior. Confronting this state of tension between the body and identity is a series of symbiotic structures of attachment such as adornment, dress, and excessive ornamentation. This bricolaged surface contrast the body as these figures semiotically develop their sexuality and flirt their way through queer culture. Through intense confrontations of materials, process, and form, my work encounters the wear and tear reality of these engagements.

Fanboy Floated ( Detail), Hydrocal, chicken wire, burlap,feathers, found clothing, found objects, 24”x 32”x 20”, 2018

“I think my work highlights exhausted bodies that have been through multiple physical
experiences. These figures have life spans, and change form as they come into existence and slowly leave this world. The fact that my work has a lifespan, I think accurately embodies the queer experience or mortality, and focuses on the queer relationship of self to body.”

Evin DuBois
Fanboy Floated ( Detail), Hydrocal, chicken wire, burlap, feathers, found clothing, found objects, 24”x 32”x 20”, 2018

Invested in gestures, self-portraiture, and the figure, these macho representations are caught between a unique moment of aggression and fulfillment, and get caught up in the drama of their own personal, fragmented, and constructed narrative. What emerges from this physicality and engagements is an intimate and revealing look at this conflated identity, the search for belonging and brotherhood, and the possibilities of an exhausted body. By adorning this sensibility, a bravado is built up and broken down for a new form to gaze upon emerges. What remains is unsolved potential, fractured function, and a desire for conclusion from angels that fall and fail again and again.

Artist Biography

Evin Dubois (He/Him) is a visual artist interested in masculinity, adornment, fashion, personal narrative, and the body. Through sculpture, jewelry, drawing, photography, and installation, his practice deconstructs the narrative of an often brash behavior and substance through a variety of materials and media. Evin earned his BFA in Fine Arts with an Art History minor from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, and recently earned his MFA in Sculpture with a Graduate Art History Minor from the University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign. He has exhibited his work nationally, and participated in symposiums, workshops, and residencies in the US and abroad. Currently he lives and works in Paducah, Kentucky as Faculty in Sculpture/ 3D at the Paducah School of Art and Design at West Kentucky Community and Technical College.

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